Frequently Asked Questions on Home Inspections

Do I need to have a home inspection?

Considering the fact that for most people this is the largest long term financial commitment they will ever make, the simple answer is YES. Getting a home inspection will equip you with knowledge and information about the current condition of the home and thus enable you to make an informed decision on purchasing the property.

Should I attend the inspection?

I encourage all of my clients to accompany me during the course of the home inspection, for most it is an educational experience they will actually enjoy, it's worth the time.

What is inspected?

Each home is inspected to the minimum standard as provided by the Home Inspectors Association of British Columbia Scope of Inspection, a copy of which is provided to you prior to the inspection. This represents a broad based home review process based upon a limited visual survey and basic operation of systems and components of the building using standard tools and procedures.

The primary purpose of the pre-purchase inspection is to provide the client with as much information as possible, based upon the HIABC Standards, to allow them to make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase the property. The inspection will include the major systems and components of the home such as: foundation, structure, site conditions, roofing, attic and crawl spaces, electrical, plumbing and heating-cooling systems, interior and exterior walls and ceilings, water heaters, major appliances and moisture detection.

Do you inspect for insect infestation?

Yes, part of the inspection process includes looking for telltale signs of insect, rodent and wildlife intrusion into the home.

How much does an inspection cost?

My inspection fees vary depending upon the square footage of the home, age, renovation or upgrade status etc.

If I am selling my house should I have it inspected?

A pre-sale inspection of your home will avoid any misrepresentation of the property before you complete the sale. It will also identify any deficiencies and give you the opportunity to repair, disclose or adjust the sale price prior to actually listing the home. The buyer will probably conduct their own home inspection and this will avoid any surprises that could quash the deal.

What is NOT covered in a home inspection?

The 2015 (HIABC) Scope of Inspections are the minimum standards for home inspectors and these will be provided to you prior to any inspection and included in the inspection report.

I strive to inspect above the minimum standards set by the (HIABC) Scope of Inspections. Below are the general items and systems that are included in the inspection. Listing every item inspected would be an exhaustive list so this is a general idea of the systems that are inspected.

  • A visual inspection of foundations current performance by observing interior and exterior stress indicators of movement such as cracks, separations, floor slopes ect. Relative foundation elevations can also be checked with a Ziplevel 2000.
  • Entering and inspecting crawl spaces of pier & beam foundations. The condition of the crawl space, framing members,& ventilation are all evaluated.
  • Grading & drainage around the home for proper drainage & soil lines.
  • The condition of the roofing material & flashings by walking the roof when safely accessible.
  • Entering & inspecting the attic, roof structure and insulation levels.
  • Exterior walls & veneers for deficiencies related to structural performance or water penetration.
  • Interior wall & ceilings for signs of water penetration.
  • The operation & condition of the accessible windows and doors.
  • Electrical system including checking all accessible receptacles, switches and light fixtures. The interior components of the panel board along with the condition & installation of the conductors.
  • Heating and cooling systems along with ductwork.
  • Plumbing systems including operating all plumbing fixtures to verify proper operation.
  • Water heaters condition, operation & installation.
  • Appliances such as the dishwasher, food disposer, range hood, ovens, cooktops, microwaves, trash compactors, mechanical exhaust vents & bathroom heaters, automatic garage door openers, door bells & dryer vents are all inspected.
  • Optional systems such as sprinkler systems & swimming pools can also be inspected.
What is a home warranty?

As previously stated Platinum Inspection Services does offer you the opportunity to purchase a third party home warranty, please refer to the "inspections" heading. A Home Warranty is a one year Service Agreement which offers protection to Buyers against unexpected mechanical breakdowns of home systems and appliances.

Do home inspectors carry insurance?

All inspectors in B.C. are licensed with Consumer Protection B.C. and are required to show proof of professional liability insurance. A list of inspectors is available on their

Terms and conditions of a home inspection.

Here is a link to items excluded in a home inspection. 2015 HIABC Scope of Inspections (HIABC) Click here

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