Pre-listing Inspection

Before you list your home, consider having your property Pre-Inspected by Platinum Inspections to determine if you qualify for a Certified Pre-Owned Home Warranty. This added coverage will offer you benefits in the following ways.

When your home is listed as a Certified Pre-Owned Home it will differentiate your listing in the marketplace and maximize the number of potential buyers. A copy of the inspection report will be available for review by potential buyers.


Premium Pricing

Market Value Appraisers have indicated that a Certified Pre-Owned Home should bring more value than a similar home that has not been Inspected, Corrected, and Warranted!

Elimination of "last minute" negotiations

Necessary repairs are made prior to the buyers inspection, thus eliminating "last minute renegotiations" or buyers walking away.


The combination of a pre-listing home inspection and a Home Warranty provides unparalleled transparency for prospective buyers about the condition of the home and the possibility of unwanted surprises after they move in.

A pre-approved home inspector will assess your property and identify potential problems that might affect a buyer's willingness to purchase the property. A pre-listing inspection gives you a checklist of items that can make your home look more appealing and ensures all systems are functioning properly. The inspection provides Sellers with the necessary information needed to determine not only the condition of the home they are selling, but whether it will qualify as a Certified Pre-Owned Home and ultimately the added value that Certification will likely bring.

A Home Warranty covers the following Home systems and appliances

Home SystemsHome AppliancesStructural

Central Heating & Air Roof


Interior Plumbing System

Interior Electrical System

Hot Water Heater



Built-in Microwave



Central Vacuum

Garbage Disposal

Ceiling Fans

Garage Door Opener and Door Bells

Interior Whirlpool Tubs





It has been reported that 66% of home buyers report the failure of two major items in their home within the first year of ownership.

A Warranty, administered by UNIRISC Home Warranty, assists its clients by arranging for a qualified service company to repair the appliance or system and in most cases will pay the service company directly less a $50.00 deductible.

Some limitations and exclusions do apply. Please refer to the Certified Pre-Owned Homes Service Agreement.

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